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Chaining Actions The Easy Way In C#

Action, Func, and predicates are a great addition to C#, and most developers are pretty familiar with them at this point. What developers might not know, is that you can chain them together the same way you could chain events. Take a look at this example.

using System;
using System.Linq;

public class Program
 public . . .

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August 30, 2015

Being a Supportive Remote Team Member

Whether you are away or at the office

As a developer, remote team members are here to stay and for good reason: development work can be done from anywhere. Over the last year, I have worked with team members who spend most of their work hours in home offices. This post is a list of observations I have made that should help any team looking to transform more of its team members to . . .

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August 29, 2015

Secure Azure Blob Storage With Encryption

Using ASP.NET 5 and ASP.NET MVC Beta6


When using Azure for blob storage, even though your data is securely transported, the data itself remains unchanged. This means if your API keys are compromised, the attacker can easily read the data. This tutorial will cover a method for encryption and decryption of blobs and also how to leverage Azure to store and . . .

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August 26, 2015

The Best C# and Data Batch Update Approach

Bring Your Own LINQ Providers

Most applications have common features that seasoned developers are familiar with: front-end, back-end, and storage. The back-end and storage evolve as the application criteria changes. Sometimes, it is important to make changes to your data that requires the intelligence of your back-end layer. This post will show you the "best" . . .

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August 23, 2015

Use JavaScript and MapQuest To Get A User's Zipcode

"Postal Code" for my international readers

HTML 5 brings a lot of new features to a developers toolbox. One of those features gives developers the ability to get a user's position via latitude and longitude. In this blog post, I will show the basics of finding the closest address to the coordinates given by a user's device.

Step 1 : Getting The Coordinates

We . . .

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August 16, 2015

Hard Lessons Learned For C# Integration Testing

At RIMdev, We are closing in on 7 months of using our Automation libraries to test a WebAPI application. This post will explain some of the best practices we've found to get valuable and fast(ish) tests. Here, in no particular order, is our wisdom learned through the school of hard knocks.

When a unit test works, don't . . .

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July 31, 2015

Microsoft, OSS, and The Selfish Gene

I have noticed anger towards Microsoft lately for "doing OSS wrong". In this post I will explain the following points:

  • Microsoft is fine staying on their current course.
  • As developers in the OSS ecosystem, we also have the right to do what we want.
  • Most of our complaints don't impact the ecosystem . . .

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July 27, 2015

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