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Comparing ASP.NET Core Routing Performance To ASP.NET MVC

Is it any better?

Routing is a critical function of any modern MVC application. That is why it was disappointing to learn how expensive it is to generate a route in Full Framework versions of ASP.NET MVC. With ASP.NET Core close to a 3.0 release, I thought it would be fitting to do a simple performance test comparing the ASP.NET MVC of old, with its successor . . .

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February 17, 2019

Giving Developers Their First Opportunity

I visited the campus of Penn State this week to visit a job fair. We are currently looking to add to our team at Ritter Insurance Marketing and thought it would be a great chance to talk to collegiate level developers. As the event proceeded throughout the day I had several epiphanies.


Experience is generally a . . .

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February 03, 2019

Diagnosing Memory Leaks in Azure App Services with PerfView

I've spent the better part of the week diagnosing a memory leak in a Windows Azure App Service. You may find this post helpful if you find yourself in the same situation I was in. I'll walk through what a memory leak looks like and the steps you can take to diagnose and eventually solve the issue. Every application is different, so an . . .

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January 27, 2019

My ASP.NET Core Razor Pages First Impressions

Recently, I've been given the opportunity to rebuild an existing web site that is important, but not technically complex. The website has a few content-focused pages, some forms, and a single funnel. The goal with the redesign is to simplify the backend code and leverage more frontend technologies. Given the requirements, I thought it . . .

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January 20, 2019

Codez: A Random String Generator and Why I Wrote It

I recently wrote and published a random string generator named Codez on NuGet (How was the name Codez not already taken?). The package can help developers generate random codes. If you need to create confirmation codes, help desk numbers, or container names then Codez is the package for you. The project itself is pretty unremarkable but there . . .

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January 06, 2019

The Case For .Net Monkey Patching In 2018

You'll Go Bananas For This Idea

In this post, I am going to attempt an argument for "monkey patching" in .NET and why its time to let go of old arguments and think about the new paradigm the .NET community has entered.

What Is Monkey Patching?

Monkey patching is the ability to affect the internal behavior of an object during runtime. Wikipedia . . .

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July 01, 2018

ASP.NET Core Resource Authorization with AuthorizationHandler

Conventions, Intentions, Permissions, and Requirements

I'm sure we can all agree that security is one of the most important features to get right when building an application. But did you know with a little ASP.NET Core knowledge you could streamline your authorization approach? In this post, I am going to show you how to approach your authorization while still getting all the benefits of a . . .

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March 27, 2018

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