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Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock II: Wrath Of Neo4j

Using Neo4j to write a game engine

In my previous post, I wrote a C# game engine for the game Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. I kept looking at the image describing the game and it began to look familiar. Where have I seen this before?



Oh yeah... Neo4J and it's...

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July 26, 2014

Unit Testing Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock

TL;DR Go to my Github repository to get a simple game engine.

My girlfriend and I were talking about Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock a game very similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors with two additional weapons. While I could explain it, I believe...

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July 26, 2014

Complexity Kills

K.I.S.S. has never been more critical to success

I'm slowly creeping up on 3 months on the new job, and what I have learned is that complexity kills. Over architecture has incurred immense technical debt that it is stifling our teams forward velocity. No worries, I have a plan to reduce complexity and put us on better...

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July 17, 2014

Fun With Calca: Sweepstakes Calculation

Win $5,000 a Week "Forever"

Note: All snippets can be pasted into Calca an awesome natural calculator.

While watching TV, I saw a commercial for Publishers Clearing House Sweepstake. The claim sounds pretty fantastic:

Get $5,000.00 a week for life, then after that,
someone you choose...

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July 14, 2014

Nuget Packages Published!

Releases for July 9th, 2014

I love Open Source! I am happy to announce the latest releases of my Nuget.

July 10, 2014

Obscure Bugs: ASP.NET MVC Child Actions

Won't somebody please think of the children!?

When I first heard of the ability to perform child actions in ASP.NET MVC, the purest in me wanted to kick puppies and punch babies. Luckily the pragmatist in me was able to talk me down and embrace the awesomeness. Child actions are one of the greatest...

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July 07, 2014

Properly Communicating Maintenance To Team Members

As I was drooling blissfully into my pillow last night, my team members were performing maintenance on a RavenDB instance. Little did I know that the shit had just hit the fan. When I woke up the following morning I had phone calls, text...

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July 01, 2014

MVC Flash 2 - Special Messages

Communicate Like a Super Hero

Every once in a while I surprise myself, and MVC Flash 2 is one of those instances. A library designed to push messages to the view, it is a crucial part of every ASP.NET MVC application I build. Recently, a colleague was utilizing it push a complex error message to...

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June 30, 2014

Pillars Of A Web Application

Musings of an "expert"

I just finished listening to the latest Hanselminutes episode titled "what it really means to be a junior developer". It is interesting to have two sides of the expertise spectrum in a dialog about "expertise" and what it means. It has been a...

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June 15, 2014

Restful Routing At Philly.NET Code Camp 2014

Notes for the curious and impatient :) mvc loves restful routing

What is Restful Routing?

Restful Routing is an ASP.NET library heavily inspired by Rails. It encapsulate the strong opinion of resource based routes/controller for ASP.NET MVC utilizing the HTTP protocol to perform common web interactions all of which...

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June 14, 2014

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